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THAT’S US! Both qualities can be found in the diverse events and social activities that we plan, arrange and implement. We emphasize active club life as well as establishing and fostering national and international ties in the worldwide network of Rotaract and Rotary.
Rotaract was founded as an offshoot of Rotary International – the largest and oldest service organisation in the world – in the USA in 1968. Today more than 8,200 Rotaract clubs with more than 170,000 members in 170 countries exist worldwide.
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Rotaract Club Salzburg

Responsible, socially committed young people (“Rotaracter”) aged 18 to 31 meet around the world to do good, for further education, for meeting interesting people, and for simply having fun. Salzburg is no different. Various events, such as social activities, chit-chat meetings, talks, and plant visits constitute the club life during university semester.

Aktuelle Meldungen

(9:29 AM, 07/06/2016): 40 Jahre Rotaract Salzburg

Der Rotaract-Club Salzburg feierte am Wochenende des 10. Juni 2016 sein 40-jähriges Bestehen!mehr »
Aktuelle Veranstaltungen
22.06.2019: Übergabemeeting
06.06.2019: Meeting im Haus Wartenberg
16.05.2019: Meeting im Haus Wartenberg
02.05.2019: Meeting im Haus Wartenberg

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If you want to know more about Rotaract Club Salzburg, send us an e-mail, call, or non-bindingly stop by one of our meetings.