According to Rotary principles, each Rotaract club acts autonomously, yet co-operates with surrounding Rotary clubs. Funding stems from the execution of projects and donations. The board of directors, which is newly elected annually, is responsible for all proceedings. The programme establishes the framework for all activities – while all three pillars “help– learn – enjoy” should equally be considered:

1. Help

We use valuable time for others. Each and every Rotaract club carries out various social projects on a local and/or international level. Potential projects are multi-faceted and depend on the interests and capacities of the respective club. Possible activities include care programmes for children, senior citizens or people with a disability, the organisation of fund-raisers or the collection of donations and other relief items for emergency aid. It is imperative that social commitment to other people only works with personal commitment.

Social projects of Rotaract Club Salzburg



2. Learn

We want to learn more. Utilising diversified speeches by club members, Rotarians or external speakers, each club’s programme provides the basis for continued personal education of the individual members. These speeches offer the possibility for joint discussions and an exchange of ideas. Visiting plants and different facilities as well as cultural events are set to broaden one’s horizon. Rotaracters enjoy (educational) events and support programmes of other Rotaract or Rotary clubs.

Semester programme of Rotaract Club Salzburg





3. Enjoy

We want to have fun. Solidarity and friendship are key to conduct successful projects together. Thus, one should not miss out on celebrating. Get-togethers, parties and international events offer the possibility to cultivate friendships and socialise. There are many opportunities to do so, such as members-only events, meetings with other clubs, charter nights, balls, district conferences, European and world congresses, etc.





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Still: Explaining Rotaract in merely a few words is virtually impossible. One has to experience Rotaract.







How does one become a Rotaracter?

Everyone older than the age of 18 that identifies with the ideals of Rotaract/Rotary can become a member. Social commitment and interest in joint activities are further requirements for admission. On request, one can non-bindingly join one of our meetings as a guest to check out the club life. Admission usually takes place after one semester at the earliest.

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